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News for November
posted on October 27, 2004
Recording for our upcoming full length should be wrapping up in the month of November, so we will hold off doing shows for now. In the meantime, congrats to Dino Ignacio and all who were involved in the making of our music video for Bad Thoughts. The video took home an award for best music video in the 2004 San Diego Asian American Film Festival!

Recording Update
posted on May 3, 2004
Just a little update since our last update was in December...
Recording and mixing is in progress for our next full length. As for
our "import ep", we have just decided to release it as the new full

For those of you looking for our out of print cd "Calling in Sick", we
have plans to order more to be available for sale when we finish the
new full length. Stay tuned for release dates...

CD's available at Asian Man Records and Undetected Plagiarism
posted on December 29, 2003
One last bit of news: if you are looking for our currently out of print full
length, "Calling In Sick", there are copies available to order from the Asian
Man Records link, under the non-asian man distribution page.

Calling in Sick CD, 2001 (f.u. records)

1. Things To Do
2. Numbers, Messages
3. Old Song
4. Happy Now?
5. Kresge Day
6. Vent
7. Meathead
8. 505
9. Talk About Today
10. Perfect
11. Calling In Sick
12. All I Never

The "Bad Thoughts" single can only be found in the split 7" record and the Neighbourhood Watch compilation (2003). The compilation can be purchased at Undetected Plagiarism.

Bonus Cup!

We are currently working on an import EP to be released in the Philippines and Asia. Thanks for all the support and emails we've been getting from new fans there! Hopefully the ep will be finished in the next couple of months...

If you are in the Philippines or anywhere else in Asia, please vote for The Skyflakes' "Bad Thoughts" video in MTV Asia's MTV MOST WANTED.

Looking ahead to 2004!
posted on December 8, 2003
We are finally planning to record our new full length to be finished hopefully by the summer time so that we can tour!
The Casino and Fine Dining vinyl comp vol.2 is still in the works and should be done by spring of 2004.

West Coast Performer Mag profiles the Skyflakes

Happy Holidays...

Bonus Cup ! ! !

"BAD THOUGHTS" video in MTV Asia and ABS-CBN's MYX music program(Philippines).

From Dino Ignacio:

Hey Guys!

Just got confirmation! The Skyflakes video is gonna be airing in MTV ASIA in January.

We are already airing on MYX which is exclusively in the Philippines but come the new year we are gonna be seen in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong!

Thanks again to everyone!

Go Skyflakes! Go Bindlestiff! Go Jeproks!


Dino's Party
posted on September 3, 2003
Pictures from Dino's B-day party and the video launch of The Skyflakes "Bad Thoughts" can be found here

Dino, Thank you so much for having us play last saturday and for working on the video.

Holy shit, is it August already?
posted on July 30, 2003
A last minute show has been added for this friday in Sonoma at the Shop (check the show's page for details and more new shows). Also, we have new mp3's available on our downloads page. Mixing has begun for our new single "what to wear" + a b-side to be released at pinoisepop8, vol.2 of f.u. record's casino and fine dining indie/punk vinyl comp is in its first stages of preparation, and our long awaited Bad Thought's video by Dino is in its final stages of completion (stay tuned for news of its release!).

posted on June 27, 2003
Thanks to all the Kids who went to the 21Grand show. You can see some of the pictures taken from the event HERE

Congratulations Tricia!
posted on June 20, 2003
After years of hard work, Tricia has earned her master's degree in counseling psychology. Congratulations! Celebrate with us at our next show presented by West Coast Performer Magazine on June 21st (see details on our shows page).

In other news, we have been working on some new recordings of new songs for a single to be released at the next pinoisepop festival. Stay tuned for details...

CD Reviews
posted on May 5, 2003
Shredding Paper reviews The Clarendon Hills/The Skyflakes� split 7 inch

Music Spork reviews �Bad Thoughts�

Punk As, Bay Area Buzz, NowOnTour, and Munnezza reviews Asian Man Records CD compilation "Underground Screams."

Daily Californian and West Coast Performer reviews "Neighbourhood Watch."

Gas Fanzine reviews "Calling In Sic

Better Luck Tomorrow
posted on April 24, 2003
Watch Better Luck Tomorrow! Opens everywhere this weekend.

April News
posted on April 10, 2003
Last Sunday night, HBO was having free preview night. I tuned in and lo and behold, our friend Rupert from Eskapo was reciting his spoken word on Def Poetry Jam. You rocked Rupert, way to represent!

We have a show tonight with Elbert from the Clarendon Hills on the drums (Ollie is performing in the comedy show "live mo' life" at Bindlestiff). Check out the shows page for details, plus a last minute show added tomorrow night for the Better Luck Tomorrow Premiere.


Now at SF Record Stores...
posted on April 9, 2003
Asian Man Records "Underground Screams", The Skyflakes and The
Clarendon Hills split 7, and Goldar can now be found at the following record

Amoeba Records
1855 Haight Street
San Francisco

Streetlight Records
2350 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Mission Records
2263 Mission (between 18th & 19th)
San Francisco, CA

posted on March 6, 2003
Check out Ron's interview with Gaz Fanzine, a Philippine-based music fanzine covering indie pop/rock, electronica and everything in between.

New Shows Added!
posted on February 26, 2003
After a month of putting off recording, the Skyflakes are ready to procrastinate some more by playing a bunch of cool shows in March and April. Check the shows page for details on the SF Asian American Film Festival's Directions in Sound Showcase at Cafe Du Nord on March 7th, and the Skyflakes' first appearance at Gilman on March 14th,
plus more...

Keep your eye out for the release date of Better Luck Tomorrow. This MTV movie which features Skyflakes' song "Talk About Today" is due out in select theaters on April 11.

Happy New Year!
posted on January 3, 2003
Happy new year kids! Hope everyone had a great holiday. Some things to look forward to in 2003: a Bad Thoughts music video by graphic artist Dino Ignacio and friends, an Undetected Plagiarism compilation called "Neighbourhood Watch" (release date FEB 2003), an Asian Man Records compilation due out in April, an MTV film Better Luck Tomorrow due out in February, a new vinyl compilation (Casino and Fine Dining, Vol. II) due out in the fall, and a brand new full length due out sometime in the winter. Stay tuned for details...

Cafe Du Nord Thanks
posted on December 16, 2002
Thanks Jesse, for organizing one of the most memorable shows last Saturday. The Cafe du Nord show was one of those rare nights filled with excellent performances by all the bands (the clarendon hills, from monument to masses, ee, whysall lane), positive vibes from a great crowd, Jim the bar manager and an awesome job by Kim, the soundperson from Cafe Du Nord. The Skyflakes are proud to have been a participant of such a great show. A big thanks also to Cindy Kahl (Du Nord owner/booking person).

In other news, the Skyflakes will be rehearsing/recording some new songs for a release later this year. Stay tuned for some show updates in January, where we might try some new songs. Thanks, and Happy Holidays.

Split 7" with the Clarendon Hills
posted on November 18, 2002
They're here! Stay tuned for the record release info: the split 7" we've been waiting for has finally arrived. Most likely, the release party will be the Cafe du Nord show, December 14th.

In other news, Skyflake's guitarist Ron got a new job and already hates the "company". Tricia is fighting a bad cold while working full time and going to school at nights. Ollie is currently working on his short film. Jericho is loving his Theater Rice afterparties, and Jesse is taking care of business while rocking with Charmin and hanging out with new nephew Milo. One day we'll find the time to rehearse the meantime, join us for the crappy thanksgiving show at bindlestiff this friday (details on the shows page).

we also have new stickers and buttons !!!

Next Show
posted on October 27, 2002
Hey kids! Our next show is Nov. 2nd at the Bear's Lair (UC Berkeley campus pub) with the Librarians. Unfortunately it will be a 21+ show (new rules for this venue).

Speaking of Berkeley, on our way home from the midnight showing of the Shining on Saturday, we were pleasantly surprised to hear Kendra from KALX (and punk band Knulla Roofs) playing Meathead on the air. Kendra, you rock! Catch her radio show on Saturdays (ok, technically Sunday morning) from 12-3 am on KALX. Finally, the new discography page is up and also some new pics courtesy of WOAK Studios.

posted on October 20, 2002
Thanks to the folks that came out to the 21 Grand Show in Oakland. That was a great show and lineup, thanks to Jesse and all the awesome bands that performed. Also, thanks to Mioi Hanaoka for working on our website and adding a new discography page.

Comic Art Splash Page
posted on October 14, 2002
Many thanks to artist Hellen Jo (of Komisches Buch fame) for drawing such an accurate portrayal of a typical Friday night for the Skyflakes. Thanks Hellen!

New News...
posted on October 3, 2002
Hey kids, after a busy couple of months (lots of added shows coming up), the Skyflakes are planning to record a new full length album starting January set to be released in the summer/fall of 2003.

The Skyflakes Interview
posted on August 28, 2002
Here is an interview of the Skyflakes as conducted by the Clarendon Hills' Pepito Pea. Check it out!

New & Coming Soon
posted on August 26, 2002
new: a new single is available at our shows. it has 2 newly recorded songs, "bad thoughts" and an instrumental "between the buttons".

coming soon: a split 7" with the clarendon hills will be out sometime in early
january 2003 (f.u. records). stay tuned for the record release party info...

Skyflakes in Print
posted on August 26, 2002
SF Weekly, San Francisco's premiere weekly newspaper, does a story on the Skyflakes. Thank you very much to Dan Strachota.

Calling In Sick - Album review by Anthony Foronda of PINOYLIFE.COM
(Feb 11, 2002)

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